2016 MVP Fan Page Stamp

A collaborative stamp between Skulboy, ZAM and I, that started brewing in a Facebook chat with Brad and Chad Richardson from MVP & the MVP Fan Page Facebook group leaders. Initial conversations started around November 11th 2014. 

The initial idea I pitched when ZAM and I were brought on to the special project was to immediately ask Skulboy if he wanted in. ZAM has played a huge roll in MVP Disc Sports and Axiom Discs. He's created most of the artwork, website and creative work coming out of Marlette, Michigan. To bring in Skulboy would create a 3 piece. So right off the bat we came up with the pyramidal design. Fans of the page have been also combining the MVP and Axiom vinyl on their vehicle to create a pyramidal theme too. This HAD to be it. 

We all decided we wanted to place things within the stamp that only die hard MVP fans would get. These are the kind of people around the world that make up the fan page. Displaying the sense of community within the design, essentially. Doc Volt, Aliens, Tesla, Einstein and other tie ins made the cut. ZAM said this about the stamp:

"Tesla brought his mother-ship to lift the pyramid and the brother saucers are delivering a 9-hole course of Portals.  Einstein sinks a huge birdie while Madame Wrath and Doc Volt are like ".......this guy with his science"."  

 I'm really happy all 3 of us came together, found time and finished this. 

In the end, While none of us could make the event, the live stream MVP posted on Facebook got us close enough. Definitely glad the stamp was a hit within the MVP Fan Page community.