2016 MVP Circuit Series-Raleigh

This design has been in the works since 2015. The goal was to get the new MVP Circuit established as a major hub in Raleigh, NC. Three known MVP artists would have the go ahead to create custom stamps for their events around the U.S. Skulboy out of California, ZAM in Texas and myself following up in the Carolina's. 2015 passed and honestly, I did more talking than action. Fast track to 2016 & I had this stamp kicking on the back burner. Disc Hunt rose to the challenge to make the circuit happen! 

The design inspiration roots from multiple sources. I grew up watching "Short Circuit" and the star of the movie, Johnny 5. His actions in the film when discovering new life outside of the escaped NOVA laboratory, is what I remember most. Goro Fujita also draws a huge inspiration to this design with his famous robot characters. His ability to strip away the baggage and create simple, beautiful and bold illustrations made a lasting impression. I wanted to start this series with the "City of Oaks" acorn correlation. 

Below is the scratchy sketches to final draft. I want to thank Disc Hunt, Jay Pontier and everyone else that stepped up to get the MVP Circuit Series started in Raleigh.