Special Edition-Neutron Matrix

The Matrix is one of MVP Disc Sports hottest midranges in their line up. With it's combination of low profile and similarities to Axiom Discs' longer Envy putter, it's finding a place in many players bags. I was tasked with creation of a Special Edition stamp for it and couldn't be more grateful. 

Going into this, I knew 2 things: Tie it into the Matrix theme. Don't make it glaringly obvious that I've straight up ripped off of the motion picture. I know fans can resonate with that but that's an easy way out. I wanted to concentrate on illusion, parallel dimensions and artificial reality. Many of my environment stamps are based around the idea of a singular human taking on what's in front of him/her. The game of disc golf is all about it. The choice to place the character on the bottom third allowed the sky to open up and give me the ability to play with towering perspective. 

The main challenge was incorporating 3 foils into the design. My general stance has been if there it isn't a need, then don't try to push it. In the end, we experimented with a holographic transparent foil for the storm that fills in around the falling baskets. It was important to me that it didn't take away from the bones of the stamp. I think the end result came out fantastic. 

I'm curious to hear your thoughts! I'd love to see your comments.