Central Coast Disc Golf Collaboration

Central Coast Disc Golf has been putting out some wicked nice video footage and covering some great events. I was lucky enough to be a part of an MVP Disc Sports and Central Coast Disc Golf collaboration. It was my job to create a custom stamp for Ian and crew for specific use on MVP discs. Ian is a fan of the MVP Ion so it's only fitting that there will be a few of those ran.

I think the major hurdle with this design was to do something that was going to look good in 3 foil stamping. We tried a few ideas but what stuck was a thumbnail I did of the central coast. When deciding the use of a specific foil, I really try to keep in mind the original intent of the design. Promoting CCDG was in the forefront so I tastefully split up the horizontal logo into the 3rd foil choice and the accent foil.

I hope CCDG and the rest of you all dig it. Please let me know your opinions and thoughts in the comments. Please share this post if you feel so inclined!