2019 St. Patrick's Classic

The 2019 St. Patrick’s Classic is a tournament that caught my attention when I started playing competitively. I realized right then and there that great artists are involved with the game of disc golf. Final 9 Sports had an great artist doing art for their St. Patrick’s Classic tournament. I was later informed that artist was Jimmi Myers who has sadly passed away just a few years ago.

A fellow disc golf art talent; Tyler McNair reached out and connected me to Bruce Kinsley who runs Final 9 Sports. Bruce was awesome to work with and provided me with all the past art for this event. This stamp had a huge weight on my shoulders. I wanted to impress the client that grabbed my attention those many years ago. Squirrels, Leprechauns, Celtic Knots and Shady Oaks Disc Golf Course are all many themes that have been done before. The squirrels really spoke out to me. They offered so many stories and are often the innocent bi-standards on the course. I felt like the was the direction we should go.

It took a lot of finessing as you can see from below. I’m just glad the drafts got better the more we worked through it. In the end, I believe the client was happy. I hope they had a successful event. If you’re out in the Orangevale, CA area, I hope you were able to attend and get your hands on some of these.