MVP 2017 Christmas Stamp

I look at Christmas more so for copious amounts of sweets, great food, games and just hanging out with people you haven't seen in awhile. It's always been like that for me. Coming into the holiday season, MVP Disc Sports allowed me to explore a few options and what struck home was tradition and roots. To move away from presents and typical "ho ho's". The main objective was to use MVP's triple foil stamping technology to get creative. 

This idea was one of a few that stuck out to the team. It allows this design to be used two fold. One for the main stamp but then the bulb element to be used as a mini disc that people can use as an actual Nano Christmas tree ornament!  Dealing with certain design requirements, the classic vintage Christmas bulb allowed me to free up the center sprue area and still allow for a centered design. The radial burst helps me convey the message of spreading joy, and the outburst of happiness and love during the holiday season

(Especially to all the MVP/Axiom/Streamline Disc fans out there). We're a tight knit family and I wanted to create something that wasn't disingenuous in any way. Some tricky areas during the design process was foil coverage area, I had to create vents to allow heat to escape during hot stamping. This technique was used in the lettering "Joy" and also in the Christmas bulb filigree to break up the bulb color.

I want to thank my friends for all the feedback and honest assessment while working through this design. These will be available at most disc golf retailers that sell MVP discs. Happy Holidays!