Monday Spitpaint Collection

30 minute spitpaints:

"Carnivorous Plants"Two goals: One, I wanted to dig out my custom foliage brushes. Two, I wanted to add vibrant markings to convey a predatory/aggressor type. Probably my favorite spitpaint of the day. 

"Medieval Snowmobile"- Well, I liked the idea but just didn't execute the depth I wanted. Really like the lines but need to address the midpoint area and snow strokes. 

"Hamster Robot"- "Why stuff your face little hamster when the robot can handle 3 times the load for you?". I liked how the hamster turned out but I could have had the arm fading back into the background, to give it more depth. It's a flat image.

"Bring the Rain"- The AC-130 Gunship deploys a series of anti-missile heat flares before unloading the Howitzer. It forms a cloud formation also know as "The Angel of Death"  I thought this idea was fitting but not too fond of the outcome. At least I learned something.