Tuesday Spitties

30 minute spitpaints:

"Charon"Based off the idea that if souls weren't buried with coins that they would have to wait 100 years until Charon would allow passage.  I like the atmospherics in this one but need to refine the silhouettes of the souls to be a bit clear in the foreground.

"School girl with astronaut helmet"- Well..I told myself that I was going to try and do more character work this year. Ran out of time messing to get the eyes right. Bounce lighting and visor reflections are really lacking to give it realism. A tattooed bar code or insignia on her forehead could be cool too. She seems more womanly than child like. 

Monday Spitpaint Collection

30 minute spitpaints:

"Carnivorous Plants"Two goals: One, I wanted to dig out my custom foliage brushes. Two, I wanted to add vibrant markings to convey a predatory/aggressor type. Probably my favorite spitpaint of the day. 

"Medieval Snowmobile"- Well, I liked the idea but just didn't execute the depth I wanted. Really like the lines but need to address the midpoint area and snow strokes. 

"Hamster Robot"- "Why stuff your face little hamster when the robot can handle 3 times the load for you?". I liked how the hamster turned out but I could have had the arm fading back into the background, to give it more depth. It's a flat image.

"Bring the Rain"- The AC-130 Gunship deploys a series of anti-missile heat flares before unloading the Howitzer. It forms a cloud formation also know as "The Angel of Death"  I thought this idea was fitting but not too fond of the outcome. At least I learned something. 

Spitpaint Friday!

30 minute spitpaints:
"Oasis"- Sometimes the first idea isn't very good but I went with it. Really attempted to show a strong color palette and attempt a mirage/heat type of effect on the horizon.
"Harlot"- Topic was intriguing . Never really painted a subject like this before. Making something look interesting is a whole other story. I decided to put her in a alleyway. Why is she blue?  My idea was to have her a colder color. Numb to work and life she's been doing for the past decade. I look to render this out more and fix her pose. 
"Hercules Beetle"- Thought of Heavy Metal but didn't execute the idea. 
"Masquerade"- Street aftermath was my initial idea. People leaving and conversing before heading home.